Down the Stretch

First actual post in a while not including link shares. It’s been pretty busy in my world. Parents moved out to the hills of Arkansas and I have now reached my final semester of study in the Master of Liberal Studies program at SMU. This semester is my capstone semester, where I complete a final project, present it, and hopefully get my diploma in the mail in a few months. It’s kind of surreal, quite possibly being completely done with school in a few months, at least for a good while. I need a break from classes!

So what’s my project about? Ever since the latest season of Twin Peaks wrapped up, I’ve had the idea to do something about it for my final project. After working with my faculty advisor, we decided to expand the scope to all of David Lynch’s works. At the moment, it’s going to be about his films and TV shows and investigate American life in parrallel with his films. Sounds kinda generic, and I’m sure someone has done it before, but this type of project revolves more around my evolution as an MLS student within the context of the topic, so I think I can pull something out of my hat on it.

So expect some more radio silence until about May or so. Then I’ll try to get some cooler shit on here. Peace.