My MLS Capstone Project

Well, here we are with a huge chasm of silence between posts once again. I completed my master’s capstone project in May and got my degree shortly after. I ended up just walking from my office to the department office to pick up my degree from the fantastic staff over there.

If you’d like to see my capstone project, take a look! Happy Holidays.

2016 Year in Review

And here we are once again at the closing of another year. Not too many posts separate my ’15 YiR with this one, but it’s still been one hell of a year. 

I really haven’t talked about the election here since so many other, better-articulated arguments reside elsewhere. I guess my brief opinion on it is that no matter what you think about the electoral system, it has spoken and we’ll have to work with it. Maybe our way of working with it will be totally transforming it. Maybe not. Either way, we have to work the system in order to change it. Trump will either redeem himself or absolutely ruin himself. I personally think that a resignation could be in the cards. Anyway, for better commentary on this, go to someone else’s silly blog.

In my own life, things have been going well. My job is still going great and my role is gradually maturing along with the whole new IT structure. My team is cementing itself as an essential part of the overall department’s processes. I’m very proud of what we’ve done there. Personally, things are still good. I mentioned my coming-to-terms with anxiety last year and that’s still a continuing and successful process. I feel like I’ve finally gained control of the tuning knob on my brain’s radio. Odd, I know, but it’s the best way to explain it. I’m proud of what I’ve done there.

Of course, friends and family have been great, too. New jobs, new houses, all kinds of cool stuff happening. My folks purchased their eventual retirement property in Arkansas last December, and remodeling has been moving along whenever they get a spare weekend. Arkansas is a beautiful place that moves at a different pace. It’s always refreshing to visit. Dallas can still get on someone’s nerves pretty quick for a “world class city.”

Overall, 2016 has been a wild ride of progress, setbacks, and political memes. 2016 didn’t go how a lot of folks wanted it to. I’d have to agree. However, we’re still here, and here’s to 2017.

Making Mead

Sunday was a day for brewing. I started the day early by driving to Denton and joining a friend to make mead. It was our first attempt after a few successful beer brews. I was surprised at the huge amount of honey required, as you can see.

We also enjoyed the always great Denon Arts & Jazz Fest. It wasn’t a packed as most years, since the torrential rain on Friday tuned everything to slop. Still fun, though!