2015 Year in Review

Guess you could call this a really late thanksgiving post, but I felt like it should be more of a retrospective of the past year.

2015 has been both a fantastically satisfying year as well as a fantastically sad one. Personally the year has been one of great fulfillment. Late last year I was finally able to come to terms with a lifelong anxiety issue that wreaked havoc on my life since childhood. This year has been the first year where I can actually say I was a comfortable person. That’s been a huge win. I’ve also moved into a new job where I have been able to actually use my degree and utilize some of my creativity. Another big win.

Also this year has been one of profound loss. Three of my uncles passed away this year, all of cancer. All were hard workers in the construction industry and were well loved by their family, friends and co-workers. I feel that these three men each had small roles in the man I became, and I’m extremely thankful for that.

In the realm of smaller potatoes in my life, my classes for my master’s degree have gone well, and I’m ever closer to being a first-generation graduate degree holder in my family, which is cool.

Hopefully 2016 holds as many or more successes that this year held without as many tragedies. Either way, we’ll hopefully all get through it. It’ll be tough, with it being an election year and all.